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Web Site Design

If you're not comfortable utilizing the free SiteBuilder, one of the auto-installed content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla that we offer, or if you just want a technically advanced solution, we offer customized website design services. Our designers will work with you to get the content, look and feel that you desire for your business web presence. Whether a personal blog or an advanced ecommerce solution, we can meet your needs.


Contact us and we'd be happy to talk with you about the various specialized solutions we can offer including initial design or continual maintenance of your site.


Here are a few of our recent projects for clients.



Royal Copley Collecting
We worked with the founder to develop an online presence where visitors could learn, discuss, buy and sell collectible Royal Copley Pottery. We developed an easy to utilize content management system where the founder could add content themselves through our templated system. Features include an online marketplace classified ad section, discussion forum, online auction area, social media ineraction, in-depth membership management features including seller ratings, Google Adsense and the ability to charge members for enhancing their marketplace ads.


Newport Elks 273
We worked with Elks to develop an oline presence where various members could manage the site and contribute through a content management system. Includes calendar, photo gallery and mailing list features.

Marla Hunter Foundation


Marla Hunter Foundation
We worked with the founder to develop an online presence where users can donate to the foundation online, register for upcoming events and learn about the foundation. This site includes a donation module for online donations via major credit card including tracking via flash thermometer and automatically publishing donors names. Includes advanced event registration module for publishing, online registrations and ticket purchases for foundation events.

Candy & Cones


Candy & Cones
We worked with the owners to develop a fresh and exciting design based on their color schemes. This included site development utilizing a CMS for which they could update themselves as needed and social network interactions.


Rose Island Bookworks
We worked closely with the owner to give them the classic look of a web presence that they were looking for. Includes a flash based introduction page with music and specialized fonts.


Safety Toolbox Talks

We designed this CMS based safety blog with Google Adsense presence for safety professionals to catagorize and share safety information. Includes membership, donation and several other custom modules.


Reeder Appraisal Services

We worked with this customer and transformed their old site to bring new life to their web presence.


Frederick W. Lauck

We worked with this author to develop a blog presence on the web as well as an ecommerce solution that would interact directly with their book distributor for a complete "hands off" approach to selling their books online.


Hopetown Graphics

We worked with this client to develop two sites for their various target driven markets.

Troop 128


BSA Troop 128

We developed a customized CMS solution for this organization so they could develop and update their own content with little technical experience. Includes a calendar module for events as well as mailing list options.